The term student-athlete is used to describe the balance of a full time student and a full time athlete.

Our goal is that each student-athlete will achieve academic success by creating opportunities that will allow them to pursue any career path they choose in life. Our players will be held to the same academic standards that NCAA has to gain entrance into a collegiate institution. 

We want all of our players to succeed academically. These standards should be followed from the elementary stages through high school, to ensure academic preparedness.

  • Each player must maintain a 2.3 grade point average in order to participate on one of the Fastbreak Sports teams.

  • Players will be subject to random grade checks

  • Tutoring services will also be available as needed (For more information see a staff member) 

  • Players not maintaining the minimum grade standards will not be allowed participate in team events until satisfactory improvements have been achieved

  • We will recognize high academic achievers on a quarterly basis