The teams will vary in age from 8u to 17u. The teams will compete in the various events to showcase their skills. The youth teams (8u-14u) are year round programs that will allow the players to hone their skills throughout the year. The teams will compete in local tournaments and also will compete in events that will possibly lead to playing in the AAU nationals. 

The high school teams (15u-17u) will play in high level events, these high level events are all attended by various members of the media and will also included NCAA certified events that will be viewed by college coaches from all divisions of the NCAA. The ultimate goal of these teams are to prepare all players to make the varsity teams of their respective high schools and to also prepare players for the next level of basketball and hopefully gain an athletic scholarship.

While all players will not get scholarship the goal is always to have players prepared to receive one.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the program please click the button below and someone from our staff will contact you.