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Fastbreak Sports offers amateur sports programs that foster team spirit, dedication, respect and hard work. Fastbreak Sports participants will strive to obtain goals, demonstrate superior sportsmanship and leadership abilities. Fastbreak Sports promotes harmony, strengthens moral, and character. We also provide assistance to ensure players achieve academic and athletic excellence. Players will be molded to become responsible citizens in our community in all aspects of their lives. This philosophy applies on and off the court.



Fastbreak Sports is a 501(c)(3) organization that was founded to promote education and athletics to young students at higher level of competition. We are dedicated to the advancement of our young student athletes to the collegiate level by providing them with the necessary tools they would need to qualify for some of the most prestigious colleges across the United States. Not only do we foster a highly competitive atmosphere, but we also instill the student athletes with hard work ethics, dedication, loyalty, and integrity. 

our founders



Mr. Benjamin developed a love and passion for the game of basketball as a child. Throughout his basketball career, he was always dedicated to being the best player on and off the court. He was named student athlete of the year numerous times during his high school career as well as a highly recruited athlete, which fueled his passion to move forward and pursue a college education.


After receiving a Bachelor's Degree from Cal State Northridge in 2005, Mr. Benjamin decided to coach and mentor student athletes. In 2005, Mr. Benjamin assisted current NBA Player Lamar Odom with the development of "Team Odom.”  He served as the Director and Assistant Coach for one of the top elite high school programs. Day in and out, Mr. Benjamin provided leadership, assisted players with:

  • Organizing and scheduling all basketball events

  • Scheduling transportation for players

  • Recruitment and hiring of qualified coaches and program mentors

  • Facilitating Recruitment and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) seminars

  • Oversight of player community service participation


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Mr. Estrada has over 12 years of sports management experience.  He served as General Manager and Administrator for HAX Athletic Club (2008-2011). He was responsible for executing all operations directly under the CEO & President ensuring company protocol was followed. Mr. Estrada created structure and implemented new sports programs for HAX. Mr. Estrada trained and evaluated staff, and coordinated large - scale exposure events for HAX athletes and invited competition. He also assisted in developing structure on the back end for Next Level Sports Complex core programs (Garden Grove's premier Multi Sport Facility) 


For day-to-day organization responsibilities, Mr. Estrada monitors all aspects of Fastbreak Sports, from finances, marketing, organizing and operating of events and ensuring satisfactory service is rendered to our customers, partners and related personnel. He also has on the floor experience in weight training, conditioning and sports coaching with emphasis in basketball and soccer. In addition, Mr. Estrada has over 6 years of experience working as a Behaviorist with children classified as at-risk and or mentally/physically disabled through schools in LAUSD and other districts.


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